From Software Engineer to Software Engineering Manager

So After 9 years of my graduation in Computer Engineering, I am a people manager now of backend dev teams.

I personally feel overwhelmed by the kind of responsibilities I've been provided with.

In the course of 9 years, I have been working with an assortment of leaders, from crafty to supportive. You learn something out of them either good or bad as per the situations, but it's your sentient to choose when and what is right.

In recent years, I made costly mistakes with respect to the role I was in, but you learn from your mistakes aren't you, but to learn from them you have to accept them first.

Now my motivation has changed from just self-accomplishment to the team's success including the slowest moving subordinate.

Earlier I found myself struggling with time management, but this role is just put me in a position where I have no choice but to manage my time the best, I owe this one it helped me a lot in my personal as well as professional life soundly.

Last but not the least I am able to hire the best talent, with a proper understanding of motivations and interest of the potential employees to the company, most of them are way good technically but when it comes to dealing with teamwork and cross-team developments most of them fails to prove themselves.

Cheers Bharat Verma

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